Does your roof look like this?  Ok, it might not be THIS bad but if you let your roof go it might!

At Baylor's we can clean your roof thus increasing the life of your roof.  Take a moment to look up at your roof.  Do you see any black streaks?  Mildew?  Moss?  These are common issues with many homes and can easily be cleaned without damage to your shingles.  If left unattended this can cause serious damage with the shingles being "eaten away".

We will come to your home and diagnose for free what needs to be completed and offer suggestions for the future.  We use a gentle low pressure wash and cleaners so your shingles will never be damaged.  Sometimes homeowners will be told they need to replace their roof due to the above issues when in fact we can possibly save you thousands of dollars by simply cleaning your roof.  And if we can not, we will let you know and refer you to a select few roofing contractors that can help you.

Call us today for your free estimate.