Deck Cleaning & Restoration

Wood takes a beating from foot traffic, the sun, rain, and snow to name a few. This shows up as dull and greying wood.  When most homeowners see this they run to their local box store and grab a can of stain and slap it on.  The problem with this is that the quality of the stain is not what professionals use and will only work for a short time. Sadly, you will find yourself applying this stain year after year.

A professionally stained and sealed deck takes a bit more time but is worth the effort.  A deck stained and sealed by Baylor's will usually only need a touch up about every three years.

At Baylor's we only use oil-based stain for these reasons:

1.  Oil will be absorbed into your wood and protect the wood against the elements.

2.  The resins used in the stain have great penetrating qualities allowing it to seal evenly and deep into the wood.

3.  Because the stain penetrates it leaves the wood looking natural and not "painted".

Suggestion: (Please- never paint your deck unless you want to paint it for life.  We no longer remove paint from wood, due to the amount of time it just takes and harsh chemicals needed. We can loosen peeling paint and guide you in deciding what to do.)

Take a moment to check out our BEFORE & AFTER photos for some examples of our work.  We stand behind every job we do and will not be satisfied until the job is done correctly.